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“Amber is an amazing newborn care specialist, and I strongly recommend her. She is experienced, professional, positive, reliable, has a calming presence, and communicates thoroughly. We always felt our baby was in good hands with Amber, and we trust her as we would a member of our family. Each night that she arrived, she brought a sense of peacefulness to our home, and we were able to get much needed sleep with confidence that our baby was in excellent hands. Even though our baby has had some health problems, this did not intimidate Amber, and she always gave our baby the gentle, loving care that he needed. Our only regret is that we didn’t meet Amber sooner and have her help with all of our children. She is a treasure! We have worked with others but she is the best!” Lali, Atlanta, GA

“To whom it may concern,
We highly recommend Amber Gilmore to work as your Newborn Care Specialist. She is kind, professional, punctual, trustworthy, and respectful. Amber helped care for our boy/girl twins when they were 3 months old. She was hired to help sleep train them. When she first started they were sleeping 5-6 hours a night with several wakings throughout the night where they would cry for their pacifier. Within a month, the babies were no longer reliant on their pacifiers and they were sleeping 10-11 hours a night with minimal or no wakings. Amber is very knowledgeable about infant care and skilled at sleep training. She is also very dedicated to accomplishing her goals. Amber guided us through the phases of helping our babies self soothe, stretching them longer through the night, gentle crying it out (with my permission), and increasing their food intake during the day. This combination helped them sleep through the night and she was very careful to explain to us the purpose of everything she was doing. She even offered to work some additional nights to provide consistency when the babies were making progress. Additionally, she was excellent at handling the twins–we even picked up some tandem feeding pointers. She is incredibly knowledgeable about baby care and we have put into practice many of her techniques. We would be more than happy to discuss our experience further if you have any questions.” Amy and Dean, Atlanta, GA

“We cannot say enough positive things about Amber! She came to our rescue for a week as a fill-in when our twins were 8 weeks old, and she had to face two sick babies that had gone off schedule due to their illness and a poor fill-in prior to her arrival. This did not intimidate her! She was eager to get us back on track, and she did that and more. Because of her outstanding work, we invited her back for two weeks when the twins were three months to help us make the transition to being on our own. It was the best decision we could have made. First, she pointed out that my daughter’s fussiness, especially around feedings, was likely due to “silent” acid reflux. We were skeptical at first, but she was correct! Once we put our daughter on Zantac, she became a different baby! She was less fussy, smiling and coo-ing more, feeding and sleeping significantly better. Once our daughter was feeling better, we tackled sleep training. She is well learned in sleep biology and training, and with that and her incredible patience, she was able to get the babies on a day and night schedule that improved naps, made bedtime easy and enjoyable, and made night wakings minimal (from 3-4 to only one in less than a week!!). She was very supportive to me, both during her stay and after she left, to help me keep the babies on track. She wrote everything down, which has been incredibly helpful to as a reference, and she’s been available by phone as well. If we could have had her stay longer, we would have! Amber has a certain professional grace to her that made working with her a true pleasure. She came a stranger and left as family. She is a kind, loving, smart and confident NCS and anyone who has the opportunity to work with her will be so glad they did!” Tina, Long Island, New York

“Amber has helped me get my infant on a regular schedule, prepped pumped bottles as well as formula bottles, prepared meals, Did my child’s laundry weekly. Ensured my little one hit milestones such as rolling over by doing daily tummy time sessions. Kept track of my child’s daily routine via the BabyConnect app so I could check in from work. Taken my active toddler to the park multiple times a day. Captured all of the fun moments on photo or video for me to enjoy. Developed a loving bond with my child. Amber is extremely responsible, reliable, articulate and trustworthy. She loves children, especially babies, and lights up (as does my child) when she walks in the room. She has experience with multiples (including quadruplets!), newborns, toddlers and school-age children, so she can multitask in even the most challenging of situations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. You will not be disappointed!” Sarah,  Atlanta, GA

“Amber cared for our son full time from about ages 4 months to 13 months. She helped him (and us) get into a routine and actually figure out how to nap! Amber is a trustworthy and loving caregiver. She communicates well, is easy to get along with, and is always on time. She was open to sharing her experience and insights with us, while also respecting our preferences. As first time parents, Amber’s help was invaluable and we were lucky to have found her. Feel free to reach out to me.” Mari, Atlanta, GA

“Thank you for taking such good care of our baby for the past year. Knowing you were with our little girl afforded us such an unbelievable peace of mind. Thank you and I hope you are available in the future to help us.” Marshal, Atlanta, GA