Portfolio of Services

Creative Nurturing is not just a noun – a company’s name. It is a belief system that stands for a natural attitude to nurture children as creatively, naturally and originally as possible.

A snapshot of our current Portfolio of Services is indicated below:

Child Care
  • End to end care for newborns, older infants and children
  • Care includes reading, learning and music time, tummy time, pictures, videos, engagement
  • Baby Sitting (By Request) ; educational toys, arts and crafts, books and games
  • Day and Over Night Infant Care
  • Prepare bottles and healthy age appropriate meals
New Born Care
  • Overnight Care
  • Diapering
  • Bottle Feeding
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Dress, Bath, Laundry
  • Scheduling, Swaddling
  • Holistic Sleep Training and Sleep Plans
Specialized Care
  • Infant and child sleep consulting and plans
  • PostPartum Care
  • “Multiple” Baby Care
  • Special Needs –Health,  Ability or Time Wise
  • Twins, Triplets and Quadruplets
  • Overnight Care
Age Specific Activities
  • Introduce learning plans to engage minds and create age schedules
  • Identify and encourage learning habits
  • Developmental activities based on age