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Breakaway Daily International Magazine Features Amber Gilmore.

“Master Newborn Care Specialist, Postpartum Doula and Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Amber Gilmore, is a hands-on educator in caring for newborn babies with more than a decade of professional experience. Her services cover childcare, clinical care of newborns, developmental knowledge, family support and parental coaching. Amber has received mentoring from Baby Nurse To Go as well as extensive training and education. Amber became a Certified Nanny through the International Career Institute, Certified Master Newborn Care Specialist through Newborn Care Solutions Institute and Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant through the Family Sleep Institute.


Based in Georgia, Amber provides nationwide support to infants and their families. Amber facilitates the parents’ smooth transition into life with a newborn, helping them to feel empowered in their new roles. Amber grew up loving and adoring babies. Childcare is not just an occupation for her, it is a way of life……..”

Member of Master NCS® Program

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“If your child has trouble with going to bed or with sleeping through the night, you may be in need of a pediatric sleep consultant. Amber Gilmore has developed her business Creative Nurturing to provide solutions for any parents looking to help their little family get a better night’s sleep.

Providing a range of exceptional services and available to travel to you wherever you may be, Amber is the ideal gentle sleep trainer that you can trust.

Find out what your child sleep habits are and how it’s affecting them. Write out a list of things that you notice that happens during the day, naps and bedtime. What do they respond well to what makes them upset?  Happy? Content? Overstimulated? By keeping track of your child’s temperament and habits associated with their sleep you will be able to help yourself eliminate any obstacle preventing sleep…………..”

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Amber Gilmore's Book: The ABC’s of Sleep

“The ABC’s of Sleep by Amber Gilmore follows the letters of the alphabet as they get ready to go to sleep. This classic rhyming book is perfect for helping kids understand what they need from a sleep and why it is so important for their growing bodies. It has been specifically designed to both educate children about sleep and to help them relax so that they can get it! Whether your child is good about going to bed or has some trouble with it, this book will work a charm and ensure that they doze off quickly for a peaceful night’s sleep………”

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