Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At Creative Nurturing, we create safe, comfortable and fun learning environment for children.

  • We create and stick to a well-planned agreed upon (by both parent and care giver) schedule.
  • We have activity time while having fun to engage young minds and influence their natural learning.
  • Setting positive healthy behavior examples is a key aspect of our nurturing.
  • Sanitize child’s room and diaper station weekly or as needed.

It is a growing trend for more families to rely on multiple incomes to sustain a decent life style which in turn increases the demand for child care needs. Keeping this in view we have flexible pricing models which mainly vary on the following factors:

  • Location
  • Time of service – Day or Night
  • Duration of care – Full time or need based drop in, short term or permanent, overnight
  • Singleton or Multiples
  • Age etc.

Amber has taken care of singletons, twins and even quadrulets ranging from the ages of 3 days old to school-aged toddlers. Boy/Girl Twins; 3 days old to 1 years old and Girl Quadruplets; 16 months to 3 years old.


This experience has encouraged her to prepare a complete list of dos and don’ts to guide all future Nannies, Sitters and Newborn Care persons she intends to Refer in Creative Nurturing for similar needs.


Amber has a positive nurturing attitude. The rationale behind this start up and expansion mode is she aims to have clients complete trust in her professional capabilities, and more importantly working in unison and as a team with all families more like her that are hardworking, reliable, honest and goal-oriented, and to be able to service more clients and take care of more children.


In future

  • Professional certified, childcare workers who clearly demonstrate a natural ability to care, communicate and commit.
  • Referral Persons or Independent Contractors will be optional and based only on their availability. We at Creative Nurturing will only refer care professionals who are dedicated to continuous learning, staying up to date and holding various childcare certifications in this rewarding specialty field.
  • Communication, Trust and Reliability is the key elements of our services.
  • In the family/client agreement we indicate reporting schedule based on mutually agreeable terms.
  • We regularly update parents about each child’s progress, experience, milestones and learning at Creative Nurturing.

Because we are. We nurture, love and think of your children, their safety, wants, needs and milestones, mostly as the parents. It’s an honor to have the title of caregiver. We instinctively know trust is bestowed upon us and we hold ourselves and services to that standard. We choose to work with clients who trust us and believe our services match what they desire for their lifestyle. We strive to be to that level that we are on the same page and same terms as them, in any particular given circumstances.