The ABC’s Of Sleep

The ABC’s Of Sleep is the classic rhyming book you can read to your child at naptime, bedtime and anytime you see fit!

You might not realize that the letters of the alphabet can get tired! The ABC’s Of Sleep is now ready and excited for a sleep break! Our bestie learning friends take action and get the sleep they want and need. These sleepy ABCs show us how happy they are to go to bed, dream, sleep, AND wake up refreshed!

Join our sleepy alphabets on their nap time and bed time journey!

The Sleepy List

Getting prepared for bedtime is a anxious but relaxing journey. Parents, toddlers and their babies will experience a flexible step by step of quiet playtime, bath time and putting your child to bed at their sweet spot that does not create a fuss or fight. Journey along with us as the everyday family preps for bedtime and share lots of love, kisses, hugs, bedtime wishes, and satisfying sweet dreaming.

About the Author

Atlanta Sleep Consultant


Amber Gilmore is a traveling certified pediatric sleep consultant, cache certified master newborn care specialist, postpartum doula as well as a certified professional nanny. She has 13 years of experience in guiding and educating families to get their infants and children to sleep well. Amber assists families by developing customized sleep plans and sleep train their children with proven methods that work.

She is the founder of Creative Nurturing that offers services for pediatric sleep consulting, sleep coaching, sleep training, traveling, overnight care, and 24/7 newborn care. Amber gently sleep trains babies according to their developmental stages, readiness, adjusted age, and families’ needs.

Amber has written her first book “The ABC’s of Sleep” to help parents easily put their children to sleep while teaching them about the alphabet as well. This book attempts to cultivate good learning habits in children and enable them to get the refreshing sleep that they need.

Customer Book Reviews

Great gift or bedtime book to read with your littles!

November 1, 2021

This is a wonderfully illustrated and fun book to read to/with your kids! Our 6 year old read it to her younger brother – it’s both a fun read, but also a wonderful way to teach the kids about the importance of their sleep routine…since this is written by an actual pediatric sleep expert, the tips and tools are actually educational and relevant, but wrapped up in a sweet and charming book! This is a wonderful gift for new parents as well as parents with young kids.