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Amber Gilmore is a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Master Newborn Care Specialist, Lactation Consultant, and the proud founder of Creative Nurturing.

She lives and performs many of her personal and occupational functions within the perimeter of Atlanta, Georgia. However, as one with wonderful qualities of once being a nanny and now a newborn care specialist, infant and child sleep consultant and a lactation consultant , she gets offers to care for infants from different states across the nation, which becomes part of her occupational voyages.

With Amber, black is beautiful. She is bubbly, calm, fashionably vibrant, innovative, and she bears a core soul of humor. While she keeps a professional face most times, she also love to make people laugh and be happy. 

She grew up loving babies and adoring them. Hence, childcare is not just an occupation for her; it is a passion, a way of life. Being mostly influenced by her mother who was a creative seamstress and an entrepreneur, Amber contacted the spirit of venturing into business as well as being careful with people and objects. In fact, one could say her mom rubbed off her fashion sense and creative brilliance on Amber. She made clothes for clients as well as Amber, since the latter was tender as a flower. The Sun rose upon Amber from the city of Atlanta, although she has her heartbeat come from Charleston, South Carolina. The memories of an inspiring childhood for courage, strength, and essence, roamed the humble city of Atlanta.

Apart from being passionate with childcare and nurturing, Amber Gilmore has certifications in Pediatric Sleep Consulting, Newborn Care, Lactation Consulting, Executive Diploma of Professional Nanny Studies, PostPartum Care, CPR, Reducing the risk of SIDS and SUID in Early Education and Childcare, and more Basics of Lactation Management Complete Nursing.

From her professional portfolio, Amber has gotten more gigs from google and Facebook searches and people based on others’ recommendations and stellar of  how wonderful she has been. With more than a decade years of professional practice, her professional services covered Clinical and Practical care of Newborn, Childcare and Developmental knowledge, Family Support and Parental Coaching. 

With a swelling passion, Amber hopes to reach more people, care for more children, have children of her own, and make parents from various walk of life feel safe and peaceful with their children. 

Atlanta Sleep Consultant

Amber Gilmore

Amber Gilmore is also a celebrated author and her published works have gained a lot of well-earned praise from readers and critics alike. Her latest book “The ABC’s of Sleep” is an industry bestseller and is widely recommended by top magazines and personalities. If you want to learn more about her recent works then feel free to checkout her author website.

Respected by peers and certified by industry leaders.